About Pigeons: A Musical Fable of New York

"Listen friend, you'll have to start looking at things a bit differently if you don't want to be reduced to a diet of bird feed and bits of hot dog buns. From here on, things will no longer appear as you expect them to."  
- Bailey
Art by Adam R.P.King


Henry Jones and Jenny Thomas moved to New York for fame and fortune, but found nothing but disappointment and disrespect. When they make a deal with a mysterious Central Park dweller, will they finally find the recognition they desire, or will they end up something more… feathery? PIGEONS is a musical adventure appropriate for all ages that will take you from the Rail Yards of Coney Island to the East River Hell Gate and everywhere in between, as Jenny and Henry fulfill their quest and discover not only that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but also, if you don’t take responsibility for what you own, someone else will happily take it from you…
Artwork by Graham McCarty
For more information about "Pigeons," please download a copy of our electronic press kit below. To request a copy of the script and score, please contact us at pigeonsthemusical@gmail.com. To hear songs from the show, please visit the Music & Links page.
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